Regional Workshop: ECOWAS RE & EE National Action Plans and SE4ALL Action Agendas - March 24 - 25, 2015 - Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire


(ECREEE secretariat 06 March 2015 - Closed Event) - The  ECOWAS  Centre  for  Renewable  Energy and  Energy  Efficiency  (ECREEE)  and  its  partners are  jointly organizing a working meeting on the development of the ECOWAS Renewable Energy & Energy Efficient National Action Plans and SE4ALL Action Agendas will take place from the 24 – 25 March, 2015 in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire.

The meeting is a follow up activity to the regional Kick-off workshop organized by ECREEE in March  2014  in  Abidjan,  Cote  d’Ivoire,  to  launch  the  process  of  the  development  of  national RE and EE Action Plans and the SE4ALL Action Agenda.

At the regional workshop organized in March 2014, ECOWAS Member States discussed and adopted the framework for the development and implementation of the regional RE&EE policies and the SE4ALL Action Agendas at the national level. Since then, the countries have since embarked on the elaboration of their respective national action plans, based on the validated templates and extensive national stakeholders’ consultation. The national consultants have worked extensively and in close collaboration with the Ministries in their various countries to set up intersectorial commitee(s), Conduct baselines studies, Validate baseline data and are now in the process of defining their national targets for renewable energy and energy efficiency as well as for energy access.

This meeting aims to determine  the  progress  made  by  each  country  in  the  development  of  the  action  plans, strengthen the capacities of the participants on scenarios development and create a platform for  representatives  of  ministries  of  energy,  national  consultants, international  backstopping experts and ECREEE to closely work together and on achieving high quality Action Plans and Action Agendas.

The meeting will feature the participation of the Ministries of Energy, the 15 national consultants, the SE4ALL Focal Points selected  in  each Member State to facilitate the  process and also the international backstopping team that have been engaged by ECREEE to  provide support to the process.

Please find below the Draft Agenda.