ECOWAS workshop on appliance standards and regulations


ECREEE in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) en.lighten initiative and Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) Initiative, are organizing a workshop from the 1st to 3rd of October 2013, in Cotonou, Benin. The workshop will focus on (i) the validation of the study report on the assessment of institutional capacity and policy frameworks relating to appliances on energy efficiency standards and labels and; (ii) the development of the ECOWAS regional strategy on efficient lighting.


The objectives of this workshop are to:

  • Review and validate the study report on the assessment of institutional and regulatory framework on standardization and labeling of energy equipments in the ECOWAS member states;
  • Review and pursue the development of a Regional Strategy on Efficient Lighting;
  • Identify the financial options for efficient implementation of the regional appliance Standard & Labeling and efficient lighting initiatives.

Participants at the workshop will include representatives from National Rural Electrification Agency in member states, Standards and Labels technical committee members, Efficient lighting working group members, the ECOWAS commission, as well as other Regional and International stakeholders